City Briefing 51 – The Geopolitics of Real Estate and Housing Affordability

City Briefing 51 – The geopolitics of real estate and housing affordability

Download flyer here: AIUS_citybriefing_51

There is much debate about which groups of people have played the greatest role in creating the unaffordable housing markets in Australian cities. In his new book Dr Rogers argues that it is a mistake to blame Baby Boomers or Chinese investors for the problem. Historically, the increasing flows of Chinese capital and unaffordable housing markets are a symptom of the problem. The cause and perhaps the solution, are found in the way we think about land and real estate.

Speaker: Dr Dallas Rogers, Urban Studies, Western Sydney University

Dr Rogers lectures in the School of Social Science and Psychology at WSU. He researches on housing poverty and wealth in globalising cities, and has published widely in the field. His new book is “The Geopolitics of Real Estate”.

When: Thursday, 29th September 2016

Time: 5.00 – 6.15pm, followed by networking drinks

Venue: Bartier Perry, 77 Castlereagh St, Sydney

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