Had a great time talking at the Mapping the Hedge City Event

Vancouver has joined London, New York, Sydney and other nodes of a world network of “Hedge Cities”— places to buy real estate to store capital as insurance against an uncertain future. How are cities and public policy reshaped by a world of transnational investment?

David Ley and Andy Yan put together an amazing panel to explore this question in Vancouver. Humbled to be a part of it with:

Manuel Aalbers, Associate Professor of Social and Economic Geography, University of Leuven

Angie Y. Chung, Associate Professor of Sociology, State University of New York at Albany

J. Rhys Kesselman, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Public Finance, School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University

Meg Holden, Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Geography, Simon Fraser University

Melissa Fong, PhD candidate in Planning and Geography, University of Toronto

Ian Young, Vancouver correspondent and former international editor, South China Morning Post



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