Seminar – Podcasting the Urban: Notes from the Field; Sounds from the Studio.

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Dr Dallas Rogers in conversation with Joel Sherwood-Spring and Nicola Joseph.

What is at stake in podcasting the urban? There might be more at stake in this question than is at first obvious. In this live recording of City Road Podcast a panel of experts discuss how academic podcasting is different to other podcasting modalities. As urban scholars, we need to consider our position within the broader ecosystem of podcast production because, ontologically, the sonic itself is a specific dimension of the urban.

While analysing the sonic realm is not new to urban studies, we need to address some important questions as we build podcasting into our teaching, urban scholarship and research dissemination. As an initial entry point into this debate, the panel consider how and why we initiate podcast projects, how we are expressing ourselves as urban academics, the ethics and quality of the urban podcast content, the channels we are broadcasting through, to whom we are disseminating our content and the impression we are making. We conclude that academic podcasting is a political and ethical process, and that we need to intervene into the socio-political world at every stage of the podcast production process.

Join Dallas Rogers for a conversation with Joel Sherwood-Spring and Nicola Joseph in the Spatial Audio and Acoustics Lab. Hear audio samples and discuss the politics of podcasting the urban. This discussion that will be recorded as a live City Road Podcast episode.

Joel Sherwood-Spring is a Wiradjuri man raised between Redfern and Alice Springs. He is a Sydney-based Architecture graduate and interdisciplinary artist working between solo works and FutureMethod studio. Joel works across research, activism, architecture, installation and speculative projects. He is currently focused on the contested narratives of Sydney’s and Australia’s urban culture and indigenous history in the face of ongoing colonisation. Joel is working on a radio project called ‘The Survival Guide’ about the redevelopment of Redfern/Waterloo in Sydney.

Nicola Joseph was a founding member of Radio Skid Row and played a key role in establishing the station. She has worked at the ABC as a features and documentary producer and as the Executive Producer of women’s and arts programs, and was a journalist, executive producer and station manager at SBS radio. Nicola produced the ‘There Goes the Neighbourhood’ radio documentary about inner city gentrification for Radio Skid Row. Nicola is currently a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales and is working with Joel and Dallas on the ‘The Survival Guide’ radio project.

Thursday 24 May
Wilkinson Audio Studio Room 144
Places are very limited – RSVP essential
More Information:
This is a free seminar however places are limited to 30 people. RSVP is essential. Please
Contact to ensure your place.

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