Talking up our Henry Halloran Trust study on Participatory Planning

I got out of the office this week to talk to built environment professionals about resident involvement in large-scale infrastructure provision and participatory planning.

The view from this lectern was better than usual! I discussed our Henry Halloran Trust research on the politics of resident involvement in urban development.

I was also a panellist for Politics in the Pub at the St James Hotel. On the agenda was urban planning, high speed rail, housing and citizen participation.

Publications discussed

Henry Halloran Trust Report

Rogers, D., McAuliffe, C., Piracha, A., and Schatz, L., (2017) Resident Involvement in Urban Development in Sydney: The New Politics of the City’. Sydney: Henry Halloran Trust

Journal Articles

McAuliffe, C., and Rogers, D. (forthcoming) ‘The Politics of Value in Urban Development: Valuing Conflict in Agonistic Pluralism’, Planning Theory

McAuliffe, C., and Rogers, D. (2018) ‘Tracing Resident Antagonisms and Agonisms in Urban Development: Participatory Planning and Agonistic Pluralism’, Geographical Research.

Schatz, L., and Rogers, D. (2016) ‘Participatory, technocratic and neoliberal planning: An untenable planning governance ménage a trois’, Australian Planner

Rogers, D. (2016) ‘Monitory democracy as citizen-driven participatory planning: The urban politics of REDWatch in Sydney’, Urban Policy and Research

Journal Special Issue

Rogers, D. (editor) ‘Planning the post-political city: exploring citizen participation in the contemporary Australian city’. Geographical Research (two-part series)

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