Radio Production

I produce radio features for ABC Radio National and The Conversation’s podcast series. I established City Road Podcast, Housing Journal Podcast, and SoundMinds Radio. My shows have aired on the ABC, community radio and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Community Radio Network. I studied radio production, locational sound recording, and digital content production (radio) at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). I’m a Broad Member of Radio SkidRow, which has a strong history of social justice broadcasting.

The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC Radio National

Listen: Chronomobilities

Going from one country to another is mostly thought of as a movement in space – a change of one physical location for another. But migration can also make profound changes in the everyday experience of time, and this is especially acute in cases where migration status is uncertain – on a temporary visa, say, or in immigration detention. This week we’re talking about “chronomobilities”, and what happens to cultural, social and political time when people cross borders as migrants.

Duration: 28min 27sec. Broadcast: 

Listen: Montesquieu and despotism

Montesquieu was the 18th century French philosopher who introduced the term “despotism” into our political vocabulary. The word denotes a form of government in which a single individual or group rules with absolute power and, according to this week’s guests, despotism is making a strong 21st century comeback. From China to Russia, Turkey to Hungary, democracy is threatened in ways that Montesquieu would not have found surprising.

Duration: 28min 37sec. Broadcast:

Listen: Citizens and Urban Planning

Cities develop in all sorts of ways, but at the heart of urban planning in Australia is the notion of citizen participation. When changes are afoot that will influence the lives of millions of people, those people should have a say. But “the people” are rarely on the same page, interests always diverge — and yet we still tend to assume that everyone’s a rational actor, and that consensus can ultimately be achieved. This week, the philosophical foundations of a more realistic — and more helpful — model for citizen participation in urban planning.

Duration: 28min 37sec. Broadcast:

City Road

I’ve produced over 50 podcasts for City Road. This show delivers informed stories about cities and urban life. I incubated the show out of the Urban Housing Lab within the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. City Road plays on 2SER community radio in Sydney, around Australia on the Community Radio Network (CRN), and around the world on ApplePodcasts.

Housing Journal Podcast

I’m the producer of the Housing Journal Podcast, which is a collaboration between the best Taylor and Francis housing journals; the International Journal of Housing Policy, Housing Studies, and Housing Theory and Society. I initiated the partnership in 2019 as the incoming Editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy.

The Conversation - Speaking With...

The Conversation

I assisted The Conversation to set up their first podcast series and I’ve produced well over 20 podcasts for their numerous podcast series since 2014. You can listen to three examples below.

Trust me I’m an Expert podcast

What does the coronavirus pandemic sound like? The voices of people struggling, secluding and surviving around the world. Listen and read more here. The Conversation, Trust me I’m an Expert podcast, 3rd April 2020.

Essays On Air podcast

Essays On Air: Australia’s property boom and bust cycle stretches back to colonial days. Listen and read more here. The Conversation, Essays On Air podcast, 10th May 2018.

Speaking With… podcast

Speaking With: Nicole Cook on union ‘green bans’, housing affordability and the Sirius building. Listen and read more here. The Conversation Speaking With… podcast, 12th October 2016

Understanding Urbanism Podcast

The Understanding Urbanism textbook presents built environment students with the latest approaches to studying urbanism. The book includes a free teaching podcast. You can listen to the podcast from any podcast app or download the podcast.

SoundMinds Radio

SoundMinds Radio was a National Radio and Podcast Show. It was funded by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and supported by Western Sydney University and BayFM. SoundMinds Radio broadcast around Australia on the Community Radio Network (CRN).