Producer/Audio Engineer: Dallas Rogers

In 2012 a flash flood hit the city of Beijing. Thousands of people surfaced onto the streets from converted air raid bunkers – their underground homes. With 20 million people and a housing affordability crisis, up to 30% of the city’s bunkers have been converted into rental dormitories. The privatisation of housing has made some Chinese extremely wealthy, and their capital is flowing into foreign real estate. But not all Chinese are getting rich on the back of property investments. Dallas Rogers travels to Beijing in search of the Mousetribe, the people who call the air raid bunkers their homes.

Dr Dallas Rogers is an Urban Studies Lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. In 2015, Dallas won the prestigious Federal Minister’s Award for Early Career Housing Researcher for his study on the politics of Chinese investment in Australian housing. Dallas writes and speaks on urban and housing policy. His radio documentary Searching for the Mousetribe in the Confucian City was premiered at the 2015 Festival of Urbanism in Sydney, Australia.