Dallas is an active voice in the public and policy debate about affordable housing and foreign real estate investment with hundreds of media mentions. He has featured on international, national and local television or radio, and written opinion pieces for major news outlets including: The Guardian; Australian Financial Review; Sydney Morning Herald; The Age; The Conversation; EFM This Morning Radio, Korea; ABC Radio National and ABC Local Radio; 3AW Radio Melbourne; ABC The Drum; SBS World NEWS, 3NEWS TV, New Zealand; The Daily Telegraph; Property Observer; and more.

Dallas Rogers


The Conversation

Opinion Editorial –  Explainer: the financialisation of housing and what can be done about it speaks to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing arguing that treating the house as a repository for capital – rather than a place for habitation – is a human rights issue.

The Conversation

Opinion Editorial –  Changes To Off-the-plan Foreign Buyers Rely On A Broken Supply Argument argues the current foreign investment rules are a blunt set of regulatory tools, held captive to the housing supply and global competitiveness debates.

The Conversation

Opinion Editorial –  Sydney Needs Higher Affordability Housing Targets argues the target of 5-10% on rezoned land is too low to make a serious impact on the city’s affordable housing shortage

The Guardian

Opinion Editorial – A Register Of Foreign Investment In Australia Will Expose Asian Investors And Cloud The Real Issues Provides A Critical Analysis Of The Parliamentary Inquiry Into Foreign Real Estate Investment And Chinese Real Estate Investment

The Conversation

Opinion Editorial –  Australia’s Housing Affordability Problem Explained In Five Historical Steps Looks At The History Of Land Claiming And Real Estate Investment 

The Conversation

Opinion Editorial – 30-Minute City? Not In My Backyard! Smart Cities Plan Must Let People Have Their Say Provides an Analysis Of Community Participation In Urban Planning

The Drum

Opinion Editorial – Racism Hides True Culprit Of Housing Discrimination Provides A Critical Analysis Of Chinese Real Estate Investment And Affordable Housing


Opinion Editorial – Beijing’s Mousetribe: Affordable Housing In Mao’s Undergound Air-Raid Bunkers Provides A Critical Analysis Of Affordable Housing In Beijing, China.

South Sydney Herald

Opinion Editorial – Barangaroo, Millers Point And the Post-Green Ban City Provides A Critical Analysis Of The Globalisation Of Sydney And The Urban Challenges

Property Observer

Opinion Editorial – Industry Experts On Australia’s 2014 Federal Budget Reflects On Who Receives Australian Real Estate Subsidies

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Great Wall Of Xenophobia Makes For Simplistic Foreign Investment Debate Provides An Informed Commentary On Chinese Real Estate Investment And The Global Real Estate Industry.

The Conversation

Opinion Editorial – An Uneasy Marriage: Planners, Public And The Market Struggle To Work Well Together Explains Tensions Between The Practices Of Government Planners, The Participatory Frameworks Of Planning Departments And The Private Sector’sIncreasing Role In Shaping Australian Cities.


Opinion Editorial – New Cabinet, A New Approach To Housing: Academics About Housing Needing To Be A Key Component Of The New Minister For Cities And The Built Environment Portfolio.

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Infographic: Australia’s Affordability Problem in 12 Charts Explains Affordable Housing In Australia

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Foreign Investment In Real Estate Inquiry: A lost Opportunity Provides A Critical Analysis Of The Parliamentary Inquiry Into Foreign Real Estate Investment


Opinion Editorial – Australia Needs A New Housing Vision From Which Progressive Affordable Housing Polices Can Be Built Provides A Critical Analysis Of Chasing A Global City Vision For Sydney And The Implications For Housing Affordability

the ConversationOpinion Editorial – Politicians Hold $300m In Property, So How Should They Influence Housing Policy? Provides An Informed Commentary On Australian Politician’s Real Estate Holdings

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – At Budget Time, Remember We All Live In Subsidised Housing Reflects On Who Receives Australian Real Estate Subsidies


Opinion Editorial – Government Should Front Cash For Long-Term Infrastructure Provides An Informed Commentary On The Need To Fund Australian Infrastructure

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Sydney’s ‘Global’ Vision Bad News For Local Housing Affordability  Provides A Critical Analysis Of Chasing A Global City Vision For Sydney And The Implications For Housing Affordability

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Funding The Future After The Demise Of PPPs Provides A Critical Analysis Of The Failure Of Public-Private Partnerships In Sydney

the Conversation

Opinion Editorial – Infrastructure Prime Minister Must Face Chinese Elephant In The Room Provides An Informed Commentary On The Rise Of China And Australia’s Infrastructure Planning



Interviewed – Design, policy and stigma: Lessons from Australia’s golden age of public housing about Australia’s golden age of public housing.

Interviewed – ABC Radio National Breakfast About The Government To Impose Fee On Foreign Residential Purchases


Interviewed – ABC Nighlife Selling The Farm And The House 

Interviewed – ABC 936 Hobart Radio About Foreign Real Estate Investment

Interviewed – ABC 1223 Newcastle Radio About Australian Federal Politicians Owning Nearly $300m In Real Estate And Housing Policy

Interviewed – ABC 612 Brisbane About Chinese Bank Offering No-Deposit Loans For Queensland Properties


Interviewed – 2SER Radio about The NSW Government is planning to sell off its land titles registry

Interviewed (Brisbane) – The Real Estate Show About High Speed Rail And Housing

This Morning EFM 101.3

Interviewed (Korea) – This Morning EFM 101.3 Radio About Chinese Outbound Real Estate Investment


Interviewed (Canada) – For CBC News By Steve Lus About Chinese Real Estate Investment Following Talk Of Increasing Racism

3AW Radio

Interviewed – 3AW Radio In Melbourne About The New Foreign Investment Fee; Penalties Miss The Point Of The 2014 Parliamentary Inquiry.


Interviewed – 2SER Radio about housing affordability and where to next for Australia’s biggest sociocultural crisis


Interviewed – 2SER Radio About Housing Affordability In Sydney And The Global Sydney Vision


Interviewed – 2SER Radio About The Television Program Housos, Public Housing And Stigma.


Interviewed (Sydney) – SBS World News about the federal budget and housing affordability.

Documentary ChannelChina

Beijing Documentary

Interviewed (China) – Property Fever, Documentary For Chinese Documentary Channel And Beijing Documentary About Chinese Investment In Australian Real Estate


Interviewed (New Zealand) – 3 NEWS, New Zealand’s leading TV current affairs program, about the use of public-private partnerships to redevelop public housing estates in New South Wales

Interviewed (Sydney) – #welivehere documentary project


Interviewed – Housing affordability: Potential home buyers hoping budget offers relief argues that the government can moderate the housing affordability problem, or they can compound the housing affordability problem through the budget.


Interviewed – From 159 in 2012 to four in 2017: Sydney’s last suburbs under $500,000 argues we could also see the last lower income properties pushed beyond the edge of Sydney


Interviewed – With savings aplenty, why don’t these millennials want to buy a house argues millennials’ might not commit to a large mortgage because it can place them under huge emotional and financial pressure.


Interviewed – Affordability frontier vanishing as million-dollar sales surge in Sydney’s west argues that rising prices largely affect key workers

The Global And Mail

Interviewed (Canada) – Vancouver’s housing boom sets off human-rights alarm at UN about not all foreign capital being equal

The Straits Times

Interviewed – Apartment glut looms in major Aussie cities argues state governments have been trying to increase density to make Sydney and Melbourne more liveable


Interviewed – Not just up to the west: Sydney’s east needs to shoulder more of the density load argues we could also see lower income renters pushed to the edge of Sydney


Interviewed – Developers win the battle against Sydney NIMBYs argues that NIMBYism isn’t disappearing it is evolving.

Daily Telegraph

Interviewed – Big Changes in Public Housing Could Reduce Wait Times But Boost Private Market  argues that it will not address the long term affordable housing problem and the long term waiting problems for public housing


Interviewed – Public housing residents rally in the Battle of Waterloo argues there is a battle to keeping affordable housing, and cultural and socio-economic diversity in Sydney

Interviewed – City of Sydney looks to the sky in largest development in three decades about Housing Density Increases in Sydney

Interviewed – Battle lines redrawn as Waterloo public housing redevelopment continues about Waterloo Public Housing Redevelopment


Interviewed – The Six Culprits Blamed For The Housing Affordability Crisis About Housing Affordability in Australia

The Global And Mail

Interviewed (Canada) – Is Australia’s Crackdown On Foreign Real Estate Ownership A Model For B.C.? About Australia’s and Canada’s Foreign Real Estate Investment Practices

The Straits Times

Interviewed – Sydney’s Transport Overhaul ‘Passes First Real Test’ About Urban Transport Planning


Interviewed – Not Asian Investors, To Blame For High Property Prices About Chinese Real Estate Investment And The Global Real Estate Industry.


Interviewed – The five suburbs where Sydney’s minimum wage workers can afford to rent About Affordable Housing In Australia (and in another 150 news outlets)

The Age

Interviewed – Chinese Having Huge Influence on Property Prices As Year Of The Sheep Dawns Chinese Real Estate Investment And The Global Real Estate Industry (and in the Sydney Morning Herald; Domain; Brisbane Times; WA Today).

Daily Telegraph

Interviewed – Foreign investment fears as Chinese cashing in on weak Australian dollar About Putting A Dollar Figure On The Intersection Of China’s Restrictive Domestic Housing Policies And Australia’s Pro-foreign Investment Policies.

Daily Telegraph

Interviewed – Guess What’s Coming to Dinner? About Urban Food Security


Interviewed – Chinese Investor Account For 2 Per Cent Of Australian Housing Sales: New Research About The Chinese Real Estate Investment And The Global Real Estate Industry (Also published in Mandarin in China Via China NewsSina, and News QQ; and in Australia via SingTao Daily)


Opinion Editorial – High Speed Rail To Push Affordability Out To The Regions We need to make sure we address the housing affordability problem in Australian cities before we transport our urban affordability problem to the countryside on a high speed train

International Business Times

Interviewed – Australian Real Estate Affordability Crisis Stems From The Country Itself About The Chinese Real Estate Investment And Housing Affordability


Interviewed – Is This The Dream for First Home Buyers? A $500,000 Townhouse 50km From The CBD About Affordable Housing, Transport And Employment

St Marys Star

Interviewed – Airport Could Relive Jobs Crisis About How Businesses Will Need To Change And Grow With The Airport As It Is Built And Services Start

Parramatta Sun

Interviewed – Western Sydney Airport Would Boost Local Economy About How Businesses Will Need To Change And Grow With The Airport As It Is Built And Services Start

Mt Druitt Standard

Interviewed – Series Finally Screens: Audience Swings From Being From Awesome To Embarrassing About The Television Program Housos, Public Housing And Stigma.

Hills News

Interviewed – UWS Researcher Says Housos Film Has Lost The Plot About The Television Program Housos, Public Housing And Stigma.

Fairfield Champion

Interviewed – TV show could ‘reinforce stigma’ About The Television Program Housos, Public Housing And Stigma.